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How to Replace Battery Cables in a Toyota Tundra

How to Replace Battery Cables in a Toyota Tundra

You may need to replace the battery cables if your Toyota Tundra isn't starting up properly. Lift the hood and check the connections and the cables for wear and corrosion. Replacing the cables is pretty simple. Turn off the truck and set the parking brake before working on the battery cables.

Moderately Easy


things you'll need:

  • Box wrench or cable pliers
  • Wire brush or cable cleaner
  • Clean cloth
  • Battery cables
    • 1

      Locate the battery on the driver's side just behind the headlight. Use a step stool to get in a good position to easily replace the cables if it's too high to reach on the Toyota Tundra.

    • 2

      Loosen the bolt on the black negative battery cable first with a box wrench or cable clamp pliers. Wriggle the cable end off the post. Repeat the process on the red positive cable. Always disconnect both battery cables, even if you're only replacing one of them, to prevent a short in the electrical system.

    • 3

      Follow the negative cable to where it's grounded on the front of the frame beside the headlight assembly. Remove the end of the cable with the wrench. Track the positive cable to its connection on the starter solenoid on the driver's side of the engine and remove it with the wrench.

    • 4

      Clean the posts with a small wire brush or cable cleaner. Wipe off residual dust or cleaner with a clean, dry cloth.

    • 5

      Attach the new positive cable first, reversing the process in Step 3. Reattach the negative cable last and start the truck to ensure the connections are working on your Toyota Tundra.

Tips & Warnings

  • After attaching the new battery cables, you'll need to reset your clock and reprogram your radio presets, if your truck has these options.

  • Always make sure the cables are tight at the battery, engine block and starter.

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